Having a Baby! Then Running Merch Stores ... In a Pandemic? | Get It Got It in Pennsylvania

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Get It Got It LLC is a small mom-and-pop shop in Pennsylvania.

After having a baby on March 13th, Courtnee Wampole returned from the hospital to a totally changed world.

Courtnee tried Printavo Merch online stores after sales dried up during the pandemic. Using her connections in her local Chamber of Commerce and from previous sales to her local school district, she successfully pitched Merch stores just by sending links to a few example stores.

"We saw online stores purely as a long-term play, thinking 3-6 months down the road. I wasn't expecting anything to happen right now. We pay our $99 now and maybe it turns into just one $1,000 order down the road – that makes it worth it. I just didn't expect it to pay off right away."

After the district sent the link to students and teachers, she immediately had thousands of dollars in sales through her Merch store.

"We don't know how to make a website, or make online stores. So we really couldn't do it without this tool right now," Courtnee told us.

Courtnee has tons of practical tips. Her story of perseverance, a little luck, and a lot of hard work is both fun and inspiring.

From getting on the local radio and newspapers to having a gameplan for running online stores, Courtnee shares a ton of interesting insights.

Thanks – and congratulations – Courtnee!

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