[NEW] Merch Store Timer, Fundraising For Individual Products, Auto-Close Feature and More!

New Features

Our engineering team is making lightning-fast progress on Printavo Merch! Here's another large and important update to Printavo's online stores platform.

It features:

  • Countdown timers
  • Automated store closing
  • Custom fundraising amounts for each product (percentage or dollar)
  • Customer experience improvements
    • "Continue Shopping" button
    • Better pagination
    • Better personalizations
  • Easier-to-find CSV exports

We always welcome ideas and suggestions at printavo.com/ideas. You can see the latest updates at updates.printavo.com.

Keep pushing, Print Hustlers!

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Merch Stores: New Countdown Timers


Easily create a visible Countdown Timer on your Printavo Merch online stores. The Countdown Timer displays both the day that the store closes and a stopwatch-style countdown.

Toggle your Countdown Timer through More Actions > Settings > Store Information > Store Close Date and Time.

Note: You must set a Store Close Date if you want to use the Countdown Timer.


Additionally, if you do a Fundraiser and a Countdown Timer, both will display (as pictured above).

Merch Stores: Set a Date and Time to Automatically Close


You may set a time and date for Printavo Merch stores to automatically close by toggling Auto-Close Store to On.

By default, Merch stores close at 11:59 PM on the selected date.


Your Merch administrative view includes an new column called Store Close Date where you may sort your Merch stores by Close Date. Stores that will automatically close are displayed with "Auto-Close."

To re-open a Merch store that has been automatically closed, you must disable the Auto Close feature.

Time zones used for Store Close Times are local to you. Be aware of this if your Merch store primary serves customers in another time zone.

Merch Stores: Customize Fundraising Amounts for Each Product


Make Fundraising even simpler! Set aside a custom dollar or percentage amount for each Product you sell in a Printavo Merch store.

This is different from your Global Fundraising Amount.

Let's compare two scenarios so you understand the difference between the Global Fundraising Amount 

  • You sell t-shirts and donate $10 from each sale.
    • You would set your Global Fundraising Amount at $10
  • You sell t-shirts, tote bags, and sweatshirts – and want to donate a different amount for each item.
    • You would set Custom Fundraising Amounts for each item

Merch Stores: Store Name Included in Exported Orders File Name


Easily find Printavo's exported CSV files with your Merch orders. The filename now includes the specific Merch store name.

Merch Stores: Better Pagination Interface


Customers can easily see whether Merch stores have multiple product pages with this improved interface.

Merch Stores: "Continue Shopping" Button on Merch Cart Page


Customers may easily click the "Continue Shopping" from their Cart within Merch stores.

Merch Stores: Make Merch Personalizations Required


You may choose whether Merch store Personalizations are required or not. This ensures that customers enter a Personalization when required for printing or fulfillment.

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